I use glass and photography, creating glass objects to use as tools for manipulating and drawing with light. I work in print, photography and 3D mixed media. I have recently been an artist in residence at Wolverhampton University and The Luminary in St Louis. Recent exhibitions include Unit3 Projects, London, and The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I have an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, USA, 2011 and an MA in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory from CRMEP at Kingston University, 2015. 

I also work on a number of projects in arts editorial. Having worked as an editor at Black Dog Publishing, and as the Managing Editor of the Journal for Artistic Research, I co-founded a new imprint in 2017, Pink Jacket, with Mimi Cabell. We also formed the collaboration Contributors Inc, which works to reveal bias in publishing in art and design via interventions and workshops, recently including the Rhode Island School of Design, Falmouth School of Art and Cabinet Magazine.